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Cold pressed hemp seed oil


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Cold pressed hemp seed oil

Unlike other oils, hemp oil contains vitamin D. In essence, vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a steroid hormone, which is extremely important for the whole body. Studies show that a large part of the population suffers from a lack of vitamin D.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is more difficult to get vitamin D. It is called the Sun Vitamin because it is synthesized in the body when exposed to sunlight. Here we need to know that ultraviolet rays synthesize the vitamin in the body and today we protect ourselves from them because they have quite dangerous consequences.

Another option is salmon, mackerel and some mushrooms. Unfortunately, we cannot get the quantities we need because sea fish is an allergen for many people and studies show huge amounts of heavy metals and even mercury, as fish cannot be caught freely and the oceans and seas are very polluted. Mushrooms remain a good option, but they are a heavy food and their frequent use burdens the liver. Hemp seed and hemp leaf oils contain minimal amounts of psychotropic substances and especially tetrahydrocananadibiol.

The difference is that hemp seed oil has less Cannadibiol.

Ingredients: linolenic acid - Omega 6, alpha-linolenic acid - Omega 3, oleic acid - Omega Hemp seeds contain potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, silicon, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and chromium.

The most valuable components are omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid), 6 (linoleic acid) and 9 mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, in optimal proportions. It is also used in: lung diseases - asthma or tuberculosis, skin diseases such as eczema or skin rashes, hair loss, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, arthritis and others.

How to use hemp oil:

Application of hemp oil for cosmetic purposes

For exhausted hair can make a mask - freshly squeezed carrot juice - 1 tbsp, natural honey - 1 tbsp, hemp oil - 2 tbsp. All ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair roots and the hair itself lengthwise. Wrap in nylon and a towel. It stays with the mask for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, after which the hair is washed. It is recommended to make this mask once a week for two months.

For hair loss apply anti-hair loss mask - hemp oil - 5 tablespoons, three drops of essential oils of coriander, chamomile and rosewood. Hemp oil is heated in a water bath, being careful not to get hot, as it will lose its useful properties. It is mixed with essential oils and rubbed into the hair roots and spread along its length with a comb. The hair is wrapped in nylon and a towel. Sit for an hour and a half and wash with a suitable shampoo.

The use of hemp oil improves the condition of the scalp, restores the natural condition of the hair. Protects from drying out and reduces the risk of hair loss. Hair nourished with hemp oil grows faster, looks silky soft and shiny, does not dry out. If you take time for the described masks for a month or at least every two weeks, the result will not disappoint you.

For face and skin

Nourishing face mask containing hemp oil, which refreshes, saves from flaking and dryness, restores elasticity and evens out the complexion of the face and neck: hemp oil - 1 teaspoon, cream - 1 teaspoon, fine oatmeal - 1 teaspoon. The indicated ingredients are mixed and 1 raw yolk (if the skin is dry or normal) or protein (if the skin is oily) is added to them. The face is cleansed and the mixture is applied for 20 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and apply a suitable cream.

If you do not have the opportunity for this mask, you can simply massage the cleansed face with a few drops of hemp oil every night. In just two weeks, your face will look different! It absorbs very quickly and reaches the deep layers of the skin, slowing down aging and balancing fat metabolism. Thanks to it, the skin looks radiant and elastic, unpleasant defects such as spots and wrinkles are neutralized. The fact that it is absorbed so quickly by the skin leads many people to call the hemp product - dry oil. The application of hemp oil is not associated with the unpleasant "shine": it absorbs well and leaves no greasy traces.

Especially for pimples, enlarged pores and acne

To clean the pores - oatmeal - 2 teaspoons, white or blue clay - 1 tablespoon, hemp oil - 2-3 teaspoons, chamomile tea - 2 sachets. The tea is brewed with 300 ml. boiling water and allow to cool. A thin paste is prepared from the flour, humus and butter. Meanwhile, mix a teaspoon of hemp oil with powdered sugar - this is a homemade scrub that cleanses the face. Apply the clay mask on the cleansed face and apply a towel dipped in chamomile infusion on the face. It stays that way until the towel cools down. Repeat the same 1-2 more times. The face is cleaned of the mask and smeared with a tonic that tightens pores.

To tighten the pores - an egg white is beaten in the snow. To it is added a mixture of - hemp oil - ½ teaspoon, calendula or chamomile oil - 3 drops, lemongrass oil - 1 drop. We put the mask on the face and hold it until it dries. Wash with lukewarm and then cold water. We apply moisturizer.

For acne, psoriasis and pimples, the treatment with hemp oil serum works. Prepare it yourself according to this recipe: Mix 25 g of hemp oil with three drops of sage oil, 7 drops of tea tree oil, one - of lemongrass and one capsule of vitamin E. The serum should be stored in the refrigerator, in a tightly closed glass bottle. Small amounts are used for problem areas; before the procedure the face should be washed and dried. After that, it is recommended to apply moisturizer.

Removal of moles and warts

IMPORTANT !!! Before attempting to remove warts and moles, consult a dermatologist about how safe this can be. Folk medicine offers different recipes, but with this type of formations there is sometimes a risk of malignant transformations.

Remedy for warts - 4 parts hemp oil mixed with one part homemade honey. The mixture is stirred until homogeneous. The irritating skin formation is smeared with it five times a day until it begins to shrink and "dry out" and becomes easy to remove.

Other recipes for spreading

In addition to therapies with external application of hemp oil for problems such as acne and psoriasis, we can also rely on internal intake. It is recommended to consume two tablespoons of oil a day for 2-3 weeks. In addition to the internal balance, this intake also achieves an external cosmetic effect: the skin becomes soft and radiant, the nails strengthen and the hair grows more vigorously.

The oil is also used as an emulsion for hands: 4-5 drops are rubbed between the palms, then with massage movements from the wrists to the fingertips the whole amount is rubbed in for 5 minutes.

For weight loss

Scientists from many countries are interested in a special molecule contained in unrefined hemp oil - cannabidiol. It is already known that this component has anti-cancer effects and can be used in the treatment of epilepsy. More recent is the information that this component can block the growth of fat cells in the human body, and more specifically white fat cells. Under the action of cannabidiol, white fat cells are transformed into brown fat - a specific tissue that contains a huge number of mitochondria. These are not the fats that we are afraid of and that we can not melt, trying to lose weight. This is a very specific tissue that speeds up metabolism, supports thermoregulation and preserves the conditions for life processes at low outside temperatures. With these qualities, it is clear that all these properties can help reduce weight and protect the body from obesity.

Reception, dosage

For a healthy body, daily intake of hemp products in a reasonable dose is an excellent prophylactic. Achieves a balance of metabolism, healthy proportions between good and bad cholesterol, fast fat burning. This is the reason why the commented hemp oil is referred to as a dietary product. Nutritionists advise that if you need to lose weight, you should emphasize a diet in which two tablespoons of hemp oil are taken for breakfast every morning.

How is it used for treatment? Internal reception

Hemp oil is suitable for both topical and internal use for therapeutic purposes. Its numerous healing effects are the reason for the extremely wide application of the oil in many therapies. Here are the diseases that are successfully affected by the application of hemp oil:

  • In disorders of metabolic processes;
  • In anemia;
  • To increase the body's defenses;
  • To improve the functions of the cardiovascular system in hypertension, heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, thrombophlebitis;
  • To enhance lactation during breastfeeding;
  • To speed up recovery after a serious illness or major surgery;
  • In disorders and inflammations of the reproductive system;
  • In inflammation of the upper respiratory tract - bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis;
  • In skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne;
  • In diseases of the digestive tract and proctological pathologies - cholecystitis, colitis, ulcer, gastritis, enteritis, hemorrhoids;
  • With high blood pressure;
  • In osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney failure, gallstone disease.

Against worms and others. parasites

Hemp oil is a great product for prevention and treatment of such a problem. For this purpose, one teaspoon of hemp oil should be taken twice a day on an empty stomach.

In case of ulcer

Hemp oil contains, along with other useful components, some tannins. Their action is positive for the health of the digestive tract - the oil helps with ulcers and gastritis. With regular intake of small doses, pain relief is achieved

is also soothing irritated mucous membranes; wound healing is encouraged and inflammatory processes are controlled. The oil also works for colitis, enteritis and hemorrhoids. Balances intestinal peristalsis.

In psoriasis

Hemp oil is successfully used in the complex treatment of dermatological diseases, including psoriasis. This product should be regularly present in the diet of patients with vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne and lupus. 1-2 teaspoons of hemp oil in combination with topical application also helps with burns, inflamed and long non-healing wounds, purulent "spots". In addition to taking hemp oil every day, experts recommend smearing the problem area with a paste made from equal parts hemp oil and starch. This paste soothes and relieves.

In hepatitis C, in diabetes

Flaxseed and hemp oil, which have a pronounced antioxidant effect and strengthen the immune system, are regularly mentioned as components of the diet in diabetes. The balance of fatty components relieves the diseased liver from the usual efforts of digesting foods such as red meat.

In type 2 diabetes, taking hemp oil helps regulate blood sugar levels. To determine the daily dose and regimen, a doctor's consultation is needed here as well. It is known that the therapeutic dose is from one tablespoon to 50 ml, but for each case the determination is the work of a specialist. When the daily dose is determined, it is usually recommended to divide it into two or three doses. Each "portion" is taken 20 minutes before meals. Water should not be drunk between this intake and the meal.

In case of constipation

Hemp oil has a mild laxative effect, so it can also be used to regulate intestinal peristalsis. The oil is not the typical laxative, but with regular intake of small doses - one teaspoon a day, the intestinal rhythm gradually normalizes and the retention of feces ceases.

In autism

Childhood autism is one of the diagnoses that respond to hemp oil therapies. Amino acids in the composition of the oil, as well as the proportions between omega-3 and omega-6, play a constructive role here. The oil helps balance the nervous system and to overcome disorders such as neurosis, insomnia, hyperactivity, attention deficit, abandonment and delay of psychomotor reactions.

At Parkinson's

In some European countries, Browning's method of treating Parkinson's with hemp oil is practiced. For patients diagnosed with this terrible disease, a special method determines an individual daily dose of the oil - it is ridiculously small, from two to five drops once a day. It is recommended to take it in the evening. The effect: the patient can control his movements, dress and eat independently, work with his hands, write, etc.

Browning's therapy relies on hemp oil, popularly known as marijuana. The creator of the methodology himself is one of the activists who demand that marijuana be legalized for medical purposes.

In fibroids

Therapy for fibroids with a decoction of hemp seeds is more popular, but with hemp oil a positive result can also be achieved. It is claimed that small fibroids can melt if you regularly take three tablespoons of oil a day - three intakes one, half an hour before meals. With its exceptional composition - the oil contains all the amino acids necessary for the human body! - Hemp product stabilizes hormonal balance and neutralizes stress. These two components are considered possible causes of fibroids and other diseases of the female reproductive system. Said therapy is good to perform for 40 days.

Hemp oil cream for hemorrhoids

Hemp oil in the diet balances intestinal peristalsis and avoids constipation situations that complicate a person's life with hemorrhoids.

Against cancer, in tumors

Medicine has evidence of the anti-cancer effectiveness of the hemp oil product. First - the prophylactic intake of small doses of the product prevents malignant transformation of cells. Second - with proper treatment with the oil, it is possible for an already formed tumor to regress. The effects are due to the unique composition of the commented hemp oil, the pronounced antioxidant effect and the support of the immune system.

Other drinking recipes

Here are some more options for treatment with cold pressed hemp oil - internal intake:

To strengthen immunity: Take one tablespoon of oil just before bedtime at night. Duration - 3 weeks

Prevention and treatment of beriberi: If you take one teaspoon three times daily after meals, it will balance the vitamins and trace elements in your body.

To treat burns: Mix hemp oil and egg white in a ratio of 1: 1. Apply as a film on the affected area and leave on for two hours. Clean with antiseptic solution. The procedure is anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Side effect

you and warnings about hemp oil

Hemp oil can be used to treat minor ailments as well as to maintain good health and well-being. It is considered one of the most useful natural supplements for the body due to its ability to provide essential fatty acids to the human body. However, one should be aware of the potential side effects associated with the use of hemp oil:

Although, there are a number of health benefits, hemp oil should be avoided by patients with prostate cancer or people taking blood-thinning medications.

It has been shown to create good conditions for cell regeneration, which could promote the growth of some cancer cells, especially prostate cancer.

Effect on blood. Another common side effect affects the heart system and blood circulation. Hemp oil and its derivatives can affect the coagulant properties of platelets in the blood, as well as directly suppress their production. For this reason, people who suffer from impaired blood clotting or other heart disease should not use hemp oil supplements.

Digestive symptoms. According to some sources, high doses of hemp oil can cause nausea, vomiting and / or abdominal cramps. Prolonged or severe diarrhea may lead to weight loss or malabsorption. Further research is still needed to substantiate and fully substantiate these claims, but it is recommended that people with a history of indigestion or intestinal disturbance avoid the use of hemp oil. Keep out of reach of children!

Peroxides. Do not use hemp oil as a substitute for frying oils! It can be added to cold or slightly hot dishes, but never heated above 40-50 degrees. High temperatures break down polyunsaturated fats into harmful peroxides. You can also use hemp seed oil as a flavor enhancer in many recipes. After opening the oil, store it tightly closed, in the refrigerator or freezer.

Working with machines. Like any product derived from a plant containing neurologically active substances, taken for a long time and in high doses, hemp oil can cause hallucinations, euphoria or increased anxiety. It is recommended not to use before working with machines or driving, due to some risk of these symptoms. This is especially important for people who are hypersensitive to THC.


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