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Cold pressed chia oil


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Cold pressed chia seed oil

Chia (chia) is the edible seed of the plant Salvia Hispanica. Its homeland is Mexico, and as an edible food it has been known to people since the time of the Maya and Aztecs. The name "chia" comes from the language of the Aztecs and literally means "strength", because they believed that the plant charges them with superhuman strength.

Useful substances in chia oil:

Chia oil is a real treasure trove of nutrients that are extremely valuable for human health. Among them are:

  • - Omega 3 fatty acids In our chia seed oil Omega-3 has a content of over 60%.
  • - Omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acids In our chia seed oil Omega-9 contains more than 10%.

Chia oil also contains omega-9 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and calcium).


Chia seed oil is a valuable helper in a number of health problems.

Improves brain function:

Omega 3 is not produced by our bodies, so it should be taken with food and it is "Irreplaceable". It helps maintain healthy skin, hair,  ails, and joints normal brain function.

Reduces inflammation and joint pain:

Improves post-workout recovery and heavy physical activity, improves metabolism and fat burning, protects against heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and arthritis.

Improves heart health

Due to the high content of omega-3, the intake of chia seed oil lowers blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease.

Chia seed oil is easy to take, rich in many useful vitamins and Minerals, including iron, potassium, zinc, calcium and magnesium, there are excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing properties on the skin, reduces redness and restores normal skin moisture content. Adds hair shine, prevents hair breakage, hair loss and restores hair moisture.

Chia oil also has a beneficial effect on:

  • - Improving metabolism;
  • - Reducing cholesterol;
  • - Regulation of blood sugar levels;
  • - Helps to control body weight;
  • - Has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • - It is very rich in antioxidants;
  • - Take care of the strength of hair and skin;
  • - Provides the body with energy and increases its endurance during exercise;
  • - Helps for faster muscle recovery after a workout.


100% pure, cold pressed seed oil of (Salvia Hispanica)

Does not contain alcohol! Gluten free! Does not contain allergens!

How to use:

Take 1 to 3 teaspoons daily before meals. The intake of oil can be combined with water, juice, yogurt or other liquid.

Chia oil is cold pressed and does not contain additional substances, so it can be added to salads, cold dishes, desserts and more.

Chia seed oil can be used as a cosmetic for direct application on the skin or in combination with other vegetable oils, natural Aloe Vera products or as an additive to various cosmetic masks, creams, lotions and more.

As a separate product, chia seed oil should be taken up to 15 grams on an empty stomach, which is good for metabolism. It is recommended to take the product as a supplement. Nutritionists advise to use it in the diet for weight loss. Due to the function of burning fat, removing slag and toxic components, it dulls the feeling of hunger and eliminates excess weight.

Due to its special taste, the oil is used in the culinary business for dressing salads, preparing cold appetizers and sauces. Weight loss will be effective if you use the product every day to drink at least 2 liters of water. It is necessary to speed up digestion, to facilitate the excretion of processed foods.

In cosmetology

The use of chia oil allows you to use it in the field of cosmetology, both on its own and for the preparation of masks, creams and other care products. It can be included in hand products, hair masks, facial serums. The product perfectly softens the cuticle, improves the health of the nails and protects it from delamination.

A few drops of oil applied to the ends of the hair give them shine and a healthy look. If you use it regularly, then there are the following positive changes:

  • improving skin tone;
  • treatment of inflammation;
  • reduction of spider veins and pigmentation;
  • smoothing small wrinkles;
  • hair loss disappears;
  • nail growth improves;
  • wounds and abrasions;
  • scars and scars disappear.

The product is effective for massage, even in combination with essential oils. Regular procedures quickly show excellent results.

The beneficial properties of chia oil allow to prepare useful masks from it:

You need egg white, which is mixed with butter (1 tsp.). The composition is applied to the face and washed off after 15 minutes. This mask perfectly cleans your skin.

The product is mixed with honey in an amount of 1: 1. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. Remedy is effective for moisturizing.

Low-fat yogurt (1 cup) should be mixed with egg white (2 pcs.) And chia butter (1 tsp.). Mask the face and leave for 10 minutes. The tool has a nourishing effect.

The oil is applied to sensitive areas of the skin at night. No rinsing required. This composition soothes the skin.

A few drops of lavender oil are added to chia oil. The composition is applied to problem areas for 2-3 minutes. It allows you to get rid of inflammation.

The product is applied to the hair, especially carefully treating the roots and tips. Wrap your head in a towel and wait at least 2 hours.

Тhis recipe allows you to improve hair growth. To improve the effect after washing your hair, rinse your hair with lemon juice.

All the listed recipes are effective and safe. Regular application of masks can improve the condition of facial skin and hair. Due to the presence in the compositions of additional components increases the effect of therapeutic agents.


To use chia oil, it is necessary to take into account the contraindications:

  • The daily norm is not more than 15-20 g.
  • You cannot take the product with medicines used to treat hypertension or to thin the blood.
  • In hypotension, taking the product may lead to a greater reduction in blood pressure.
  • It is forbidden to take oil for malignant tumors.
  • During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the body, herbal medicines should not be taken.
  • You should not take the product for inflammation of the digestive system, especially in the acute phase.
  • Do not use oil for diarrhea, as this may increase the laxative effect.
  • Side effects include bloating and gas.

It is necessary to take into account these contraindications, which can lead to deterioration of the human condition.


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